About Brickhill Capital

The Forex (FX) market is a global, decentralized market for the trading of currencies. The FX market is referred to as the market closest to perfect competition,

with each trade settled at the spot rate determined by the activities in the interbank market. Trades do not go through any exchanges, and traders have the option to go long or short without restrictions, providing flexible trading tactics in a market with an average daily turnover of US$5.3 trillion.

Who We Are?

Brickhill Capital is registered under the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize

The International Financial Services Commission is a government organization overseeing financial servicescompanies that are authorized to provide financial services to retail clients and guarantee the financial industry’s transparency. Brickhill Capital Limited is registered under IFSC with the registration number IFSC/60/490/BCA/17.

Why Us?

Precise Execution

We offers all our clients exceptional order execution. Our system operates on a pure Straight-Through-Processing price engine and our no dealing-desk business model and intervention policy ensures transparency and reliability.

Data Protection

Brickhill Capital are dedicated to protect our client’s privacy and safeguards all personal and financial information with maximum care. We employ leading security software and systems and adhere to strict procedures in handling your information.

Exceptional Client Services

We prides ourselves in our flexibility and ability to recognize and meet our clients’ needs and respond with efficient and effective solutions. Our management team believe in unyielding service quality.

Our dedicated customer service teams work 24/5, providing the best possible level of support for all your trading needs.

Innovative and
Cutting Edge

At Brickhill Capital, we know the best way to trade is through the combination of efficient trading platforms and low latency global networking.

Brickhill Capital places extreme emphasis on providing our clients with nnovative, cutting-edge technology solutions. With that in mind, we have
partnered with the globally renowned technology firm,Equinix, to allow fast and precise execution for all our clients.

Proven Trading Platforms and Advanced Technology

MT4 platform is one of the most established trading platforms and is widely considered the industry standard for traders around the world. Brickhill Capital has customised this platform to better meet the needs of clients.

The platform features fast and secure execution with competitive spreads and supports instantaneous order execution for all our dedicated client.