Does Brickhill Capital accept individual and/or corporate clients?
Yes, both individual and corporate, as well as joint account.

Why is the leverage offered by Brickhill Capital no more than 1:500?
While a higher leverage allows you to trade an amount much larger than your initial deposit, it also carries a high level of risk. It is important to us that we limit the risk of our clients, as a high level of leverage would also mean a high level of losses if the market turns around.

How much are you offering for trading commission?
It depends on different situation. You may email the details of the trading commission query to [email protected]

What is the minimum deposit required?
Minimum deposit amount to open a learning account is USD 200. Some brokerages may allow lower deposits, but their leverage may be higher which translates to a higher risk.

Can I open multiple accounts? If I have multiple number of trading accounts, am I able to manage them collectively?
Yes. We do not have restrictions on the amount of sub accounts you can open. Please complete and submit the sub account application form to [email protected] The application form can be downloaded here.

Are there different account sizes/types to cater to different trader experience and requirements?
For more details, kindly refer to:

4 types of account: (a) Learning (b) Basic (c) Premium (d) VIP

How do I apply for an account? What are the necessary documents that I need to submit?
(a) You may apply online at the following link:

(b) Alternatively, you may scan and submit the PDF copy of your account opening forms to our Relationship Management Department at [email protected] The application forms can be downloaded at

How do I apply for a corporate account? What documents are necessary?
You may scan and submit the PDF copy of your account opening forms to our Relationship Management Department at [email protected] The application forms can be downloaded at

Why do you need identification information? These steps are taken to ensure the validity of the information on the application and to protect customers from potential fraud. Sometimes, if an identity cannot be confirmed, we ask for additional information to help us do so.

My online account application was unsuccessful. How do I proceed?
You may scan and submit the PDF copy of your account opening forms to our Relationship Management Department at [email protected] The application forms can be downloaded at

How long does the process of account application take?
3 working days for trading account application. 3 working days for IB application.

What is the difference between a Demo and Live trading account?
The primary difference is that there is no capital at risk when trading in a demo account. A Brickhill Capital demo account features real-time quotes and charts, along with all the basic trading tools and much of the information you’ll have access to as a Brickhill Capital customer.

Is there a demo account that I can use to practice before trading live? How long is this account valid for?
You may register for a demo account here:

The demo account will be valid for 30 days, starting from the date of creation.

What should I do if I forget/want to change my account numbers and passwords?
You may contact us at [email protected]

What should I do if there are any changes to my personal particulars/bank account details?
You may contact us at [email protected]

Is there a minimum age to open an account?
Legal age of 18 and above.

Can I change the currency of my account?
No, but you can register a new account with the necessary account currency.

If your current account holds any funds, you can make an internal transfer to the new account.

The whole amount will be automatically converted by the Forex rates.

How do I close my account?
Please send your request to [email protected] should you wish to close your account.

Can I open the account with leverage 1:400?
Leverage be default is 1:100. The capital for account with leverage 1:400 cannot exceed 12,500 USD.

How do I update my particulars?
Kindly send in your request to [email protected]

What if I lose/forget my ID or password?
Kindly send in a reset account request to [email protected]

Is there any fees charged if I have no trading activities with Brickhill Capital?
No fees will be charged.

Are there any administrative fees or commissions charged by Brickhill Capital?
No, we do not charge any fees or commissions for opening an account with us.

How are the spreads derived? Are spreads fixed?

Brickhill Capital offers competitive rates derived directly from top-tier banks and liquidity sources through its Straight-Through Processing (STP) engine, utilizing Smart Order Routing (SOR) technology to aggregate prices from our many liquidity feeds and pull out the best rates for clients.

There are other brokerages who offer lower spreads, why should I trade through Brickhill Capital instead?

We operate on a Straight-Through Processing (STP) model, which means that trades do not go through a dealing desk and there are no dealer interventions. Therefore, clients can take advantage of the most transparent and competitive spreads.

Do trades go through a dealing desk/facility? What are the advantages/disadvantages?
As a Straight-Through Processing (STP) broker, each trade gets executed real-time, immediately without having to go through a dealing desk. There is no manual intervention, no requotes, hence prices are the most transparent and competitive

What currencies can I trade in? What will be the conversion rates used to calculate P/L?

We accept six types of currencies. They are USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD and NZD. We will calculate your P/L in USD. The conversion rate used is the current rate ([Bid price + Ask Price] / 2) at that point in time when trades are closed. Each account function based on one currency, therefore if you would like to trade in multiple currencies, you are required to open multiple accounts.

What is rollover interest/swap? How and when is it calculated?
Rollover is the interest paid or earned by a trader for holding a position overnight. Every currency trade involves borrowing one currency to buy another. This interest can be positive or negative, depending on the difference in rates between the base and quote currencies.

What is the minimum required lot size for trading?
Is there a maximum order size? The minimum trading lot size is 0.005 lot. The maximum trading lot size is 100 lots.

What is your margin call/stop-out level?
Margin call at 120%. Stop out at 80%.

How much time do I have to top up my margin call?
No limit to timing. However, we will require you to top up your account if you want to make new orders when there is margin call restriction.

Is there a minimum amount I must maintain in my account? Are there any reminders if my account is low on funds?
No minimum amount. However, you are encouraged to keep sufficient funds in your account in order not to hit the margin call level.

Can I withdraw money while having open positions?
Yes, provided the amount in your account is sufficient to cover your margin.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal/depositing request?
Within 1 working day.

Who do I contact if I have any problems with my transactions e.g. dispute in prices etc?
You may contact us at [email protected] for technical assistance.

Who is Brickhill Capital registered with? How is Brickhill Capital regulated/audited ? 
Brickhill Capital is Licensed with the International Financial Services Commission in Belize (IFSC/60/490/BCA/17). Our Firm also works closely with WorldCompliance, and screens through comprehensive databases of individuals and organizations in our in-depth due diligence and customer assessment processes.

How many years of brokerage experience does Brickhill Capital have?
BHC is exclusively founded by a consortium of buy-side investors from Europe and Asia, Brickhill capital commands a diverse and practiced executive management team and talent pool of professionals wielding more than a decade of industry-specific expertise and technological experience.

I am interested in a career with Brickhill Capital. Who can I contact?
Thank you for your interest, you may forward us your resume at the following email, [email protected]

Where is your office located?
Registered office: New Horizon Building, Ground Floor, 3 1/2 Miles Philip S.W. Goldson Highway, Belize City, Belize

Email: [email protected]

How long will I get a reply if I sent in my enquiries by email?
Within 1 working day.

What is the operating hours of Brickhill Capital?
24 hours. 5 days a week. (Monday to Friday)

Can I visit the Belize office?
Kindly make an appointment with our staff at [email protected]

Who can I approach for assistance should I face any technical difficulties?
Customer support: [email protected]

Is there round-the-clock assistance provided since the forex market is 24h?
Yes, we are available 24 hours for round-the-clock assistance.

What are the market hours for forex/spot metals trading?
Forex: 2200 GMT Sunday – 2200 GMT Friday (Server time 2300 Sunday – 2300 Friday)

Spot Metals:  Trading hours for precious metals are 23 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Gold and Silver trading will commence every Sunday at 22.00 GMT. There is a daily break in gold and silver trading at 21.00 GMT, after which trading will resume at 22.00 GMT. During the break, you will not be able to place market orders, and limit/stops cannot be placed and/or amended.

What other products does BHC offer besides forex? 
Spot Metals

How many currency pairs does BHC offer?

Can I collectively manage my accounts if I have multiple accounts?
Yes. We have the MAM system and MultiTerminal to assist you to manage multiple accounts.

What is the maximum number of trading accounts I can have under MultiTerminal?


How do I apply to be an Introducing Broker? What are the necessary documents needed?
You may contact us at [email protected] Please submit Individual Introducing Broker Application Form, Proof of Identity (with photo and signature) as well as your Proof of Residence (issued in your name and containing your registered address within the last 3 months). For corporate IB Application, we would need Corporate IB Application Form and additional documents: Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing (only applicable to corporate established more than 12 months), Memorandum & Articles of Association, Certificate of Incumbency stating list of directors in charge

What are the benefits of becoming an Introducing Broker with Brickhill Capital?
• Competitive and flexible compensation based on your client’s trading volume

• Competitive spreads and excellent trading conditions for your clients

• Simple and efficient account opening process

• Back-office system tailored to assist you in the monitoring of your client’s trades and rebates

• 24/7 access to accounts and online statements

• Timely, Transparent and flexible payments

• Professional Relationship Management team to relieve your admin needs

What is an Introducing Broker’s earnings/compensation based on?
There will be trading rebates given by Brickhill Capital to IBs. IBs may agree to charge their clients mark ups and commissions, but both must be made know to the clients and BHC in writing.

How is the Introducing Broker rebate credited and how frequently/when does this take place? Would I be getting any statements?
The IB rebate is the amount given to the IB for each round turn lot traded by his clients. There will be no statements issued, but this rebate is calculated live in Back Office, which can be viewed round the clock by the IB.

Can I refer myself to trade through Brickhill Capital?

Is there a software or program that allows me to manage my client pool?
Through MIDAS, our flexible Back Office tool designed for partners to view their clients’ statistics, rebates and commissions on a round the clock, real time basis. Once your IB application has been processed, we will email you with the login details to MIDAS. Alternatively, you can send queries to [email protected]

Can statements generated be saved/printed?
You can extract statements from your Back Office, then save or print it.

How often/when are rebates/commissions calculated? Are these calculations automatic?
These are live calculations done on Back Office.
Once a trade is closed, the calculation will be reflected in your Back Office.

Is there real-time generation of commissions and trade activity?

In what currency are commissions/fees reflected?
It will be in USD.

What is the maximum number of clients I can view in my IB portal?

How do I apply to be an Money Manager? What are the necessary documents needed?
Please contact [email protected]

Individual Money Manager Application Form, Proof of Identity (with photo and signature) as well as your Proof of Residence (issued in your name and containing your registered address within the last 3 months). For corporate MM Application, we would need Corporate MM application form and additional documents: Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing (only applicable to corporate established more than 12 months), Memorandum & Articles of Association, Certificate of Incumbency stating list of directors in charge

What are the benefits of becoming a Money Manager with Brickhill Capital?
• Easy tracking of portfolio performance

• 24/7 access to accounts and online statements

• Timely, Transparent and flexible payments

• Professional Relationship Management team to relieve your admin needs

• Powerful trading platform

• Competitive price

• Flexible fee structure

• Simple and efficient account opening process

• No limit on the number of accounts you can manage

How do I qualify to be an Money Manager?
• Individuals and institutions who have their own trading strategies

• AUM of at least USD 200,000

• To be licensed and regulated

Can I choose to manage my clients individually or collectively?
You may choose either. For collective management of clients, we provide a Multi-account Manager (MAM) module.

Am I able to place trades on individual accounts? How do I place trades for accounts under MAM?
MAM is only used for collectively managing clients. Under MAM, you may set the allocation method and parameters, after which you would use your master MT4 account to place trades. Details will be emailed to you upon account creation.

How are fees from my clients credited and how frequently/when does this take place?

Would I be getting any statements?” Trading Rebates and Commissions will be calculated live in Back Office, which you may view round the clock. Asset-Based, Management and Performance Fees will be reflected at the end of the month. You may extract an excel sheet from your Back Office

How much commission do I get if my client places an order?
All these information are specific to each Introducing Broker. So please provide a contact email for us to contact you. You can send all your relevant questions to [email protected]

Is MT4 compatible with all operating system?
No. It is only compatible with Windows OS.

What mobile devices is the mobile app available on?
Any iOS and Android devices.

How do I download MT4 onto my computer/mobile?
You may apply for a demo or live account with us, after which the link for download will be sent to you with your account details.

Does Brickhill Capital have its own customised trading platform? Why not? What are the benefits of using MT4?
We are looking into our own customised platform. However, at the moment, we are using MT4 as it is known worldwide as a top-notch trading platform due to its simplicity, customisability and the ability to program technical indicators and Expert Advisors

Why does Brickhill Capital use MT4 when there is a newer MT5 version?
At the moment, we are using MT4 as it allows scalping and hedging, which MT5 doesn’t have. Also, MT4’s indicators and Expert Advisors do not work with the new MT5 platform. We will consider the market demand in our decisions on which platform to use.

How can I be sure that my orders are executed in real-time/instantly?
We maintain partnership with a NASDAQ listed firm EQUINIX, which connects global firms and banks supplying market data. EQUINIX offers fast execution speed and lower latency in trading by utilising optical fibre as opposed to the conventional internet connection.

Is there a limit of number of orders?

How do I check on my net position?

On your MT4, under Profit column.

What is Brickhill Ex?
Brickhill Ex is a customised MetaTrader 4 (MT4) electronic trading platform licensed from MetaQuotes Software Corp.. It is one of the most established and trusted platforms for Forex and Metals trading.

What do I need to use Brickhill Ex?
You need a Brickhill Ex demo or live trading account and a Windows-based computer on which to install the Brickhill Ex MetaTrader 4 software.

Is MetaTrader available for Mac?
MT4 is a native Windows application. You will need additional software on OS X to run Windows Applications. Examples of software includes Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop, WineBottler, PlayOnMac and CrossOver Mac. Note that some functions may not work fully and we are unable to support any technical issues arising out of this.

Where can I find a user guide for MetaTrader 4.0?
In the platform select Help > Help Topics.

Where can I download Brickhill Ex?
You may download it for free on our website at

How do I log into my live account and start trading?
An email notification with a login name and password will be sent to you after the account registration have been approved.

• To login, go to File > Login To Trade Account and type your login and password.

• The server field has a drop-down menu, select the respective live or demo server.

• Upon successful login, your account number will appear in the top left corner of the platform.

How do I display High/Low Prices in the Market Watch window?
The Market Watch window, displays the high/low prices.

• In the Market Watch window right-click anywhere

• Select “”High/Low.”” (The high and low prices will appear for each currency pair for that particular day.)

Where can I view my trading history?
The trading history can be seen by clicking on the “Account History” tab in the ‘Terminal’, at the lower part of the Brickhill Ex platform. You can also modify your view timeframes and access reporting features by right clicking on any row in your account history view.

How do I insert chart indicators?
The steps are as follows:

• On the top Menu bar, select INSERT > INDICATORS.

• You can also navigate to the Navigator section and insert chart indicators from there.

How can I create trend lines and other line studies?
The steps are as follows:

• On the top Menu bar, select INSERT

• Then select the desired trend line.

• After releasing the mouse button, a graphic icon of the selected trend line with a cross hair attached will appear. Using the mouse, place the cross hair over the selected chart. Click and hold the mouse button while moving the mouse to adjust the size of the trend line.

How do I obtain information on my account and daily transactions on the Brickhill Ex platform?
Use the TERMINAL section of the platform. If this section is not open, go to VIEW > TERMINAL

The steps are as follows:

• In the TERMINAL section, select the Account History Tab.

• This tab shows the history of your account.

• Right click anywhere in this section.

• Select ‘Save as Report’.

What are the trade sizes available with Brickhill Ex?
As with any other MetaTrader 4 platform, Brickhill Ex lets you trade in lots, mini lots, and micro lots (where one lot is 100,000 units, mini lots are 0.1 of a lot, and micro lots are 0.01 of a lot).

Does Brickhill Ex provide offline trailing stops?
No. The trailing stops operate on the client machine. This means that the client terminal must be logged in and connected to the internet for it to work. If you disconnect the Brickhill Ex platform from the system, any open trailing stops will be converted to a hard stop or limit.

What happens if there is a margin alert?
Will my Brickhill Ex platform alert me? If your account doesn’t have enough margin to cover your open trades, the Brickhill Ex servers will close all of your open trades. Unfortunately, there is no MetaTrader functionality to issue margin warnings on the MT4 platform.

What is the time zone of the server?
Brickhill Ex server follows London timing. GMT + 0. Kindly check for daylight savings.
See for more information.

Can I trade from my mobile phone?
Yes, you can trade in your Brickhill Ex account on Andriod or iPhone devices. Search for “MetaTrader 4” in the respective app stores and install it. Choose the Brickhill Ex server when logging in using the same credentials as the Brickhill Ex PC terminal.

I can’t set TP/SL when I open an order.

Brickhill Ex uses “Market Execution” mode, and the platform does not allow setting TP & SL at order creation in this mode. You can modify the TP/SL after the order is confirmed, or use Pending Orders which allow you to set TP & SL when the order is created.

How do I see all the currency pairs that I am allowed to trade?
Within the Market Watch window, all of the currency pairs eligible to trade can be viewed by right-clicking within this section and selecting ‘Show All’. All currency pairs will appear in that window.

What is an Expert Advisor?
Expert Advisors (EAs) are programs that automate analytical and trading processes in the Brickhill Ex platform. These programs automatically perform technical analysis of price data, and manage trading activities based on pre-programmed trading strategies. When you are running an Expert Advisor, you do not need to have the chart of the currency pair open, but the Brickhill Ex platform must be running on your computer and connected to our servers.

Note: Expert Advisors are automated trading tools developed by third parties. Brickhill Captial assumes no liability for any loss attributable to the use of Expert Advisors on the MetaTrader 4 software.

What is a custom indicator?
A custom indicator is a program developed as a technical analysis trading indicator. You may refer to for more information regarding programming your own custom indicator.

How do I change my password on MetaTrader?
The steps are as follows:

• On the top Menu bar, select Tools > Options .

• Under the Server tab, select Change.

• Input the current password in: (Current Password) text field.

• Select (Change master password) if it is not checked already.

• Input the new password in: (New Password) text field.

• Re-type the new password in the second (Confirm) text field.